VitaMind has tie ups with experts in various fields. We bring in highly experienced faculty in the areas of Emotional wellness, Corporate soft skills training, Leadership development, Various psychotherapies, CBT/REBT, Bach Flower Remedies and various soft skills and leadership programs. So far we have conducted various workshops for 2000+ people. Our average satisfaction rating is 4.8/5

Workshops and Trainings Conducted

Corporate Workshops
Various courses on Self management, motivation, assertiveness, goal setting. Conducted for corporate as well as regular clients

Youth Leadership Program
Highly successful program for 12-18 years old. Based on sound principles of self reliance, motivation and goal setting. Brings out best in children, teaches value of managing themselves and their emotions

Workplace emotional wellness
Stress and anxiety management. Professional relationship management. Tools for positive workplace dynamics and collaboration. Very popular post COVID

Leadership Development
Leadership development program for junior and mid career professionals to go to next level. Building on core strength and broadening the leadership profile. Highly effective

For Parents
DOs and Dont’s, understanding child emotions and how to handle them. Best practices and techniques to raise positive, smart and successful children

Bach Flower Remedies Another very in depth program on becoming Bach Flower Practitioner. Completely self paced with contact sessions at regular intervals. Details about Bach remedies system, their application and case studies

Psychological Therapies
Very comprehensive courses around CBT/REBT and advanced therapies techniques. Takes professionals in this field to the next level

Counselling Internship
3 months intensive internship program, in joint venture with B.Karve Institute, Pune. Take your knowledge to next level. Detailed field work, gain experience with expert counsellors

Certificates are provided at the end of successful completion of course

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