Our Vision

To become force in positively shaping minds of individuals, families and working professionals. To restore and enhance vitality of mind. We strive to provide all the aspects of mental well being under one roof. We have strong network of experts in this field who have years of experience in the field of mental wellness

Our Mission

Just as medical science treats physical ailments similarly, emotional ailments ( like anxiety, fear, anger, lack of vitality etc. ) can be treated by applying scientific approaches in counselling sessions. We aim to restore and build vitality of mind in children, individuals, parents, couples and employees. Thousands of our clients have benefited from sessions and therapies conducted by our experts. We strive to promote complete mental well being of family. This includes counselling, CBT, REBT, Bach Flower Remedies and other proven techniques. Also creating awareness in mental wellness field by continuing education and workshops.


We had opportunity to serve 500+ clients across India, Singapore and USA. Our proven techniques, 1-1 counselling approach, deep experience in this space has helped numerous clients overcome their emotional, family, relationship and personal challenges. Our association with several corporate clients has helped corporates, integrate emotional wellbeing in lives of their employees. Lot of employees have benefited from stress reduction, anxiety management, better workplace relationships and got their careers back on the track. Employers have also found better productivity and retention levels, after empanelling our expert counselors. 100% of our clients are thru referrals of existing happy clients.

Our Ethics

One to one attention, Complete confidentiality, Total transparency, Highly experienced counsellors, mental wellness experts.  

Thank you. – Anagha Atgur, Founder and Chief Counsellor, VitaMind

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