Services offered for individuals, families and corporates

Offered in person at our Pune center as well as on phone as well as any remote conference platform

Individuals and families

Our mind can be our own asset or liability. Negative emotions, self doubt, low self esteem can weigh us down and prevent us from achieving success and happiness that we truly deserve. Sometimes people around us offend us, cheat us, ignore us and we feel helpless. By right counseling one can cope up with all this and create balance in the mind, achieve right perspective, regain our mental vitality and bring positive change in life. Anagha Atgur has guided many individuals to regain peace of mind, focus and courage to face challenges. Whether you are individual, parent, spouse of someone, don’t ignore your emotional and relationship issues. Get help ! Call 9604 9892 17 to get appointment with Counselor

Couples and couples to be

You know when your marriage is not working. It erodes you from inside. Day in day out, small arguments turning into fights and leaves bitterness. Losing sleep and most importantly peace in life. Strained married life can also have adverse effect on children and potentially develop mental problems in them. Relationship problems can be resolve by proper guidance and counseling. There are proven techniques and therapies which can gradually remove bitterness in relationship and bring back the lost charm in married life. There are many happy couples who have taken counselors guidance during the testing phases of their relationship and are living a happy married life. You can also follow that path. Anagha Atgur has vast experience in advising couples to restore, repair their marriage and live in a joyful relationship. Get help !

Parents and parents to be

Parenting is not a easy job nowadays. Whether you have a toddler or teenager; issues of children are not to be ignored. Be it lack of interest in studies, be it low self esteem, be it emotionally disturbed child, do not ignore these issues. If not addressed at early stage they can potentially impact your child’s future and you. Anagha Atgur has helped many such parents to make parenting stress free and enjoyable parenting journey. Get help ! Call 9604 9892 17 to get appointment with Counselor. 

Working professionals

Do you wake up every Monday morning to a nightmare called job? Are you at the stage where Office politics, exploitation and nepotism, you just can’t take it any more? Are the changes in economy, organization are overwhelming for you? You are not alone ! But with help of experienced counselor, you can develop strategies to cope up with these challenges. Counselor will enable you to bring right perspective, get out of depressed and gloomy mindset and steer you towards the positively charged individual, who can overcome all above challenges. With Anagha Atgur’s experience in CBT/REBT therapies, it’s possible for everyone to bring down stress levels and lead a balanced life. Get help ! Call 9604 9892 17 to get appointment with Counselor. 

Corporates and institutions

Employee well-being has now become a very crucial aspect. Poor employee emotional health, due to aliments like stress, anxiety, lethargy takes tremendous toll on the team performance. It impacts productivity, client deliverables and overall reputation of organizations. Our experts work with corporations and via series of workshops and sessions help restore emotional well being of employees. Organizations have reported increases sense of belonging, productivity and retention rates after empanelling our experts. Get help !  Call 9604 9892 17 to get appointment with Counselor. 

Bach flower remedies

Bach Flower remedies are proven and natural flower remedies that work like miracle on many of psychosomatic issues and mental problems. It also gives emotional Vitality for facing difficult situation, generate positivity, coping up and many more. Anagha Atgur is Certified Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner in Pune and has been practicing this since last 17+ years. Get help ! Call 9604 9892 17 to get appointment with Counselor know when